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Innovators. Dreamers.

OniX: Where Global Research Ideas Converge to Drive Innovation

In the vast landscape of global research, a wealth of groundbreaking ideas remains untapped, hindering innovation and progress. OniX is dedicated to bridging this knowledge gap by creating an open and accessible hub where ideas can flourish and find their path to market.

We believe that the current flow of ideas from discovery to market is fragmented, limiting access to the transformative potential that lies within these innovations. OniX serves as the catalyst for a more open and secure ecosystem, where ideas can be shared freely, fostering collaboration and accelerating the translation of research into tangible solutions.

Fostering Innovation through Open Collaboration

At OniX, we recognize that thriving innovation ecosystems are built upon a unique sense of place, a robust talent pipeline, and access to capital. However, the cornerstone of these ecosystems is partnerships – large and small, formal and informal.

By seamlessly blending online and offline communities, OniX cultivates meaningful partnership opportunities for university faculty, researchers, startups, investors, foundations, and large local and multinational corporations. This fosters a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives and expertise converge, propelling innovation forward.

Uniquely Positioned to Accelerate Innovation

OniX is uniquely positioned to accelerate innovation by providing:

  • Unparalleled Access to Research Ideas: We aggregate and curate a vast repository of public and non-public research data, providing comprehensive insights into the global research landscape.

  • Advanced Search and Filtering Capabilities: Our platform enables you to pinpoint specific research ideas that align with your needs and objectives, saving time and effort.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Gain access to actionable insights into emerging technologies, research trends, and potential collaborations to make informed decisions that drive innovation.

  • Seamless Connection between Researchers and Industry: We bridge the gap between researchers and industry leaders, facilitating collaborations that bring groundbreaking technologies to market faster.

OniX: Empowering Innovation, Shaping the Future

OniX is committed to empowering innovation and shaping the future of research and development. Our platform empowers researchers, industry leaders, and investors to make informed decisions, accelerate technology transfer, and ultimately bring life-changing solutions to the world.

Join us on our journey to unlock the potential of global research ideas and drive innovation for a brighter tomorrow.

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Online Ideas Exchange Hub
Connecting Ideas to Opportunities

Advancing Innovation through Data-Driven Insights

OniX is the premier research knowledge hub supporting global innovation. Our platform aggregates public and proprietary data spanning the research ecosystem - from universities to industry.

With OniX, you can:

  • Discover cutting-edge technologies to license or invest in

  • Identify collaboration opportunities to accelerate R&D

  • Enhance business development, partnering and licensing efforts

  • Track competitor activity for strategic planning

  • Monitor emerging startups disrupting your market

  • Develop actionable insights across the product life cycle

We transform data into opportunities by connecting ideas, assets and talent across the research universe.

Our Innovative Technology

OniX employs a cutting-edge AI system that leverages machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive reasoning technologies to empower the identification of novel partners, new drug targets, and potential applications for existing drug candidates. Our platform seamlessly integrates a distinctive collection of both public and non-public global data, creating an intuitive hub designed for the research community.

Key Technological Features:

  • Machine Learning: OniX utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to sift through vast datasets, enabling the identification of promising partners and potential drug targets with enhanced accuracy.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): Our NLP capabilities enable the system to comprehend and process human language, facilitating a more intuitive and effective user experience.

  • Cognitive Reasoning: OniX incorporates cognitive reasoning technologies, allowing for intelligent decision-making and insights, thereby supporting researchers in making informed choices.

Empowering the Research Community:
OniX serves as a dynamic hub, providing the research community with easy access to a comprehensive dataset. This user-friendly platform keeps researchers informed about the latest technological advancements, fostering an environment where knowledge flows seamlessly.

Transforming Drug Discovery:
Our mission is to revolutionize drug discovery by facilitating the identification of potential partners, drug targets, and applications for existing candidates. By bridging the gap between public and non-public data, OniX accelerates the transformation of research insights into effective medicines, ensuring that groundbreaking discoveries reach every patient in need.

Explore the power of OniX's AI-driven technologies — where innovation meets intelligence, and drug discovery is transformed for the betterment of global healthcare.

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Share your ideas/projects

  1. Submit a non-confidential abstract of you idea here. The idea can be a funded or unfunded grant application, an incubator project, or other new/innovative idea

  2. OniX Member will review submission

  3. OniX staff will reach out (if applicable) for additional information

  4. OniX staff will facilitate introduction for a potential partnership

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