OniX Services

The OniX team is here to support clients' research activities by facilitating  access to ideas, technologies, people and organizations that align with the strategic goals.

OniX  services include:

  • Engagement:  Direct access and engagement with ideas, people, technology and organizations of interest

  • Research & Development: support research teams to stay up-to-date with the "current" research landscape

  • External Innovation: Find innovative ideas that can impact and/or drive internal R&D and strategic partnerships

  • BD (in/out-licensing): finding assets and products at any stage of development: early, pre-clinical, late stage and post-market 

  • Competitive Intelligence: Analysis of multiple data sources to support the research strategy

  • Investing: Understand the research landscape to de-risk your company investment decisions

  • Post-Market Surveillance: monitor safety of your company products

  • KOLs: access to Key-opinion leaders and experts currently working on projects that impact your R&D and partnerships


We support research activities as follows:

For industry, Biotech, VC, PE, Family Offices:

  1. Business Development: in/out-licensing, 

  2. De-risk & accelerate R&D,

  3. Access to KOL,

  4. External Innovation Partnering, 

  5. Competitive Intelligence,

  6. Access to startups/biotech pipelines,

  7. Investment strategies, and

  8. Engagement: introductions, term sheets negotiations and others as needed

For Universities, Startups and Biotech:

  1. Funding through our partners or OniX venture fund,

  2. Out-licensing,

  3. Startups partnering or investments, and

  4. Partnerships

For Foundations, Government funding agencies or other for not-for-profits:

  1. Funding opportunities for their funded and unfunded grant applications,

  2. Partnering, and

  3. Global landscape to make more informed funded decisions

With partners, we also support:

  • Full cycle software development, analytics and data visualization, system design and architecture development, mobility and responsive design, enterprise data security, information management strategy and more

  • Grants writing mentoring

  • Grants, RFP, and Prizes management and development

  • AI drug discovery, fully-automated drug discovery (robotics wet lab) and R&D 

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