OniX Services

The OniX team is here to support your research activities and to make it easier to access ideas, technologies, people and organizations that align with your strategic goals.

OniX  services include:

  • Research & Development: support research teams to stay up-to-date with the "current" research landscape

  • External Innovation: Find innovative ideas that can impact and/or drive internal R&D and external strategic partnerships

  • BD (in/out-licensing): find assets and products at any stage of development: early, pre-clinical, late stage and post-market 

  • Competitive Intelligence: Analysis of multiple data sources to support the research strategy

  • Investing: Understand the research landscape to de-risk your company investment decisions

  • Post-Market Surveillance: monitor safety of your company products

  • KOLs: access to Key-opinion leaders and experts currently working on projects that impact your R&D and partnerships

  • Engagement:  Direct access and engagement with ideas, people, technology and organizations of interest


With partners we also support:

  • Full cycle software development, analytics and data visualization, system design and architecture development, mobility and responsive design, enterprise data security, information management strategy and more

  • Grants writing mentoring

  • Grants, RFP, and Prizes management and development

  • AI drug discovery, fully-automated drug discovery (robotics wet lab) and R&D 

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