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Submit your ideas

True Empowerment

Anyone can submit an idea through OniX

OniX accepts ideas from a wide spectrum of research, including: Health Sciences, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Animal Health, Energy, Space, Transportation, Climate Change, Food and Nutrition, Farming, Fisheries, Social Sciences, Public Health, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Technology, Software/Hardware, and others.  OniX partners with the global research community to support innovation.


 Before you submit, you will need:

  1. Personal ORCID ID

  2. Organization GRID ID number (please use grid.9999.10 if you don't have a GRID ID#)


Note: ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized. Find out more.

  1. Registration

    • Register here

    • You will be sent an email confirming your registration.

  2. Idea Submission Process

                         identify the type of idea you are submitting. i.e., new; funded,

                         submitted or unfunded grant; startup or incubator;

                         tech or biotech company or other

  • Enter your idea (no attachment needed at this stage)​

    • Title

    • Idea/Abstract (no size limits)

    • Specific Aims/Advantages

    • Remarks

Example of ideas to submit: public non-confidential abstract of (1) new ideas, (2) submitted grant applications, (3) funded grant applications, (4) unfunded grant applications, (5) intramural funded projects, (6) new investigator projects, (7) post-doctoral fellow projects, (8) incubator and startup technical projects, and (9) others. 

Path to Collaboration

  • Review of submitted idea/abstract (timing varies for each member)​

  • Non-confidential Discussion (by invitation only)

    • Via conference call,

    • In-person, or

    • Via non-confidential additional information requested

  • Confidential Discussion 

    • Via conference call, or

    • In-person

  • Technical Diligence

    • Internal Discussion

  • Path Forward Tailored to Objective of Collaboration

    • Via partnership or collaboration agreement,

    • Grant,

    • Contract, and/or

    • Licensing agreement

An easier way to submit your idea

Submit a one-page abstract with the following information:

- Title

- Researcher full name

- e-mail address

- Name of organization

- Non-confidential abstract

An idea might be an unfunded, submitted or funded grant application, intramural projects, startups and biotech projects, or others at any stage of development.

We will upload it for you. You will get confirmation, then, you can edit, delete or add another idea​

Submit to:

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Thanks for submitting!

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