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How Can I Submit my Ideas?

You can submit any idea here. You can submit as many ideas as you want. Currently, OniX includes ideas from research discovery through Phase IV.

What kind of ideas can I submit

You can submit any kind of idea:

  1. Funded grant application: you can submit the non-confidential abstract of any funded grant application

  2. Unfunded grant application: you can submit the non-confidential abstract of any unfunded application

  3. New Idea: you can submit a non-confidential abstract of a new idea even if you don't have a full grant application ready

How Can I Request a Demo?

Industry: you can request a demo at 

Researchers/Research Organizations: Please send your questions at

What if I am planning to submit or have already submitted an idea or application to a funding agency, can I submit to OniX?


Is there a fee to submit an idea?

No. It is free to submit any idea to the OniX hub.

How will OniX protect my intellectual property (IP)?

OniX follows standard operating procedures to protect IP. Ideas are not available to the public in general. OniX makes ideas available only to OniX members looking for specific ideas that align with their goals. OniX only shares confidential information with potential funders under a non-disclosure agreement. The researcher is aware of a funder’s interest and can deny access at any time.

What are the areas of research covered by OniX?

The areas of research that we will target to start are: Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Energy, Space, Transportation, Climate Change, Food, Farming, Fisheries, Social Sciences, Public Health, Artificial Intelligence, Software/Hardware, and others related to these areas.

How will industry and others for profits be involved with OniX?

OniX will engage industry in several ways:

  • Industry (Pharmaceutical, Venture Capital and others): Industry will review ideas that match their research areas of interest. Industry will seek partnerships following their own policies and procedures

  • Sponsors: OniX will reach out to potential sponsors to create, for example, a Sponsor Innovation Award Program. This program will fund some of the ideas submitted to the hub.

  • Advertisers: OniX will allow some advertisement on the website. This will allow OniX to sustain its business model.

Who is eligible to submit to OniX?

OniX accepts ideas from researchers from academic centers, other research not-for-profit organizations and industries that match OniX areas of interest. Ideas can be submitted by pre-, post-, or a doctoral researchers.

How will OniX accept Ideas?

The principal investigator, an officer from the university’s Office of Sponsored Projects or Development or another person authorized by the researcher must submit ideas to OniX.

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