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OniX: accelerating R&D through a global virtual research hub

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

OniX - Online Ideas Exchange Hub: OniX is (1) a global research hub with access to ideas, people and technology (2) a partnering hub, (3) a business development portal for in- and out- licensing assets, (4) a competitive intelligence platform, and (5) an external innovation tool to support R&D, identify new targets and new potential uses for existing drug candidates, and to make informed investment decisions.

How are we doing it? Data, Data and more Data. Then, we analyze it.

Phase I: Completed: Live and updated daily

  1. Ideas/Abstracts: from discovery to Phase II: non-confidential summaries of globally funded grants.

    1. These include for example funded grants from government funding agencies such as the US National Institute of Health, EU Horizon 2020, Canada Institutes of Health Research, UK Medical Research Council, Australia National Health and Medical Research Council, Japan Agency for Medical Research, and many other government funding agencies.

    2. In addition, this includes private foundations, such as Cancer Research UK, Melanoma Research Alliance, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Neuromuscular Foundation, Lupus Research Alliance, Sao Paolo Research Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, The Mardsen Fund, The Helmsley Charitable Trust, Alzheimer’s Drug and Discovery Foundation, E-rare, Telethon, Parkinson UK, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, Psoriasis Foundation, and many others.

  2. Tech Transfer assets: from over 100 universities and adding several weekly

  3. Startups: over 100K+ and adding new ones weekly

  4. Incubators | Accelerators | Research Parks tenants technology summaries: Adding 1-2 weekly: includes technology summaries

  5. Publications: all PubMed data and others

  6. Clinical Trials from early Phase I to Phase IV: from 199 countries

  7. News: Global research updates

  8. Researchers Profiles: includes basic information about researcher, and profile of funded grants, tech transfer projects, publications and patents

  9. Network Analysis: For specific targets of interest: provides the capacity to estimate complex patterns of relationships and the network structure can be analyzed to reveal core features of the network (in partnership with clients)

  10. Advance queries and searchers: for targets and areas of interest

  11. Email alerts: to keep track of new information for targets and areas of interest

  12. Customized reports: for targets, areas of interest, and others

Phase II: Underway

  1. Patents: from over 100 countries

  2. Ideas/Abstracts: from discovery to Phase III: non-confidential summaries of globally submitted grants and unfunded grant applications. In partnership with Universities, Incubators, Accelerators and Research Parks.

  3. Phase III and Phase IV asset for out licensing or partnerships: assets own by companies that are looking for a partner or out licensing to other regions

  4. Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Assets: assets from companies ready for partnerships, out-licensing, repurposing and others

  5. Companies/Organizations Profiles: includes company/organizations description of activities, assets, publications and patents

It is free for universities and others non-for-profits.

Reach out to participate in OniX at

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