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OniX Innovation: Partnering & (in/out)Licensing.

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Partnering and In/Out Licensing through OniX - the Online Ideas Exchange Hub

Building strong partnerships is critical to advance research from Bench-to-Bedside. It’s important to get those partnerships right to accelerate therapies that have the potential to impact the lives of millions. OniX works with a broad range of partners, from early-stage science to clinical-stage programs, from universities to startups, biotech and pharmaceutical companies to provide a global Online Ideas Exchange hub that provides an easy-to-use e-portal, analytics, and e-mail alerts to find ideas, people and technologies to accelerate the delivery of life-changing therapies to waiting patients.


OniX partners with global academic centers, startups, incubators and research parks to market their ideas, people and technologies through is e-portal. Partners submit their funded, unfunded, technology transfer, startups and incubators non-confidential technology summary of projects to OniX for potential partnering opportunities.

Other OniX partners includes private foundations, government funding agencies, startups, biotechnology companies and industry, including companies in the Pharmaceutical, Health Sciences, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Energy, Space, Transportation, Climate Change, Food and Nutrition, Farming, Fisheries, Social Sciences, Public Health, Artificial Intelligence, Software/Hardware, and others.

(In/Out) Licensing

OniX is proud to serve the research community as the trusted partnering exchange for in- and out-licensing needs. OniX partners with external organizations that share in our purpose to deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. OniX supports partnerships with innovators to push forward great science and continually seek new partners that are actively researching bold scientific ideas, capabilities and technologies that have the potential to bring innovative treatments to patients in need.

We aim to find the groundbreaking ideas from biotechs, academics and the vibrant innovation ecosystem from across the world, and bring them into OniX to move them faster from idea to the market to deliver breakthroughs to communities across the globe.

OniX seeks to remain at the forefront of science advances, looking to identify and partner with academic, emerging companies, private foundations, government funding agencies and industry that are developing transformative medicines and technologies that have the potential to enhance a partner's pipeline and shape the future.

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