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OniX: Know what you don't know

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Find new drug candidates, understand the global research landscape, find partners at the right time and de-risk and accelerate your R&D

Not all research information is readily available. Though there are no exact statistics on the research output on a yearly basic, the graph below shows a projection of data output from different sources. OniX is the only hub that is addressing this knowledge gap to de-risk and accelerate R&D. OniX, in partnership with research organizations globally, is including the not readily available research non-confidential technology summary from startups and biotech companies, government technology transfer assets, private foundations and charities funded and unfunded grants, universities technology transfer assets, and universities unfunded grant applications. In addition, OniX adds funded grants, publications, patents, clinical trials and research news, and we are in the process of bringing 'omics data.

Approximate research landscape data per year (in thousands)

OniX innovation hub provides the global research landscape which identifies direct or indirect ongoing research projects that might impact internal R&D. At the same time, OniX allows you to identify people and technologies earlier that can advance your projects. OniX, in the competitive dynamic research ecosystem, is the critical component supporting your organization knowledge management initiatives and nurturing innovation.

Stay on top and ahead of the game
OniX Industry Impact

Who is using OniX:

1. Industry researchers – to stay on top of new developments prior to publication

2. Sr. Management – for strategy

3. Business Development – to find partners earlier

4. External Innovation – to find new ideas and targets

5. Venture managers – to de-risk investment decisions

6. Marketing – to stay on top of post-marketing news

Become an OniX member, please reach out to

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