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OniX provides a 2nd chance for unfunded research applications

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

OniX is partnering with the research community to provide a second funding/partnering opportunity for unfunded research applications. There is a surplus of high-quality applications that merit funding/partnering through alternate sources. In the US, for example, the National Institutes of Health receives over 150,000 applications a year, yet, they can only fund about 12% - that leaves over 130,000 applications/ideas unfunded and not in the public domain. In Europe (H2020), United Kingdom (MRC) and Japan (AMED/ JSPS) the funding percentages are similar. Private Foundations funding, since the financial crisis, has decreased.

How does it work?

Research abstracts are submitted by each researcher, by the institution or company .

Each abstract/application still undergo the rigorous peer-review processes in each respective funding agency or foundation. Once applicants have received the funding notification, those that are unfunded can submit the non-confidential technical summary to OniX. OniX accepts unfunded applications from 2018 and forward. Abstracts are reviewed by OniX members when those align with the organization’s research priority areas. Applicants selected by OniX members are then asked for additional information. Each member may select some for funding/partnering consideration at their discretion.

Government agencies and foundations supports OniX by making investigators/organizations aware of this alternative funding/partnering pathway. Individuals researchers or organizations (contact OniX for bulk uploads); startups, incubators and research parks tenants; and biotechnology companies can submit projects to OniX.

All Ideas have an impact

Anyone can submit an unfunded application/abstract to OniX regardless of the score and stage of research. OniX accepts applications from a wide spectrum of research, including: Health Sciences, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Agriculture, Energy, Space, Transportation, Climate Change, Food and Nutrition, Farming, Fisheries, Social Sciences, Public Health, Artificial Intelligence, Software/Hardware, and others.

Accelerating Research Innovation

Funding for research has fueled discoveries that have advanced our understanding of human disease, led to novel and effective diagnostic tools and therapies, and made the research enterprise an international paragon. OniX provides access to a global spectrum of research projects from early discovery to translational and clinical research and to the high-risk, high-reward space. OniX provides an alternative paradigm to keep research moving forward to positively impact our communities, and we look forward to the participation of the greater scientific community in making OniX - the Online Ideas Exchange Hub - a successful funding/partnering endeavor.

Submit your abstracts here

Please reach out at if you have any questions

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