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Transforming Ideas into Businesses: Startups, Incubators, and Research Parks (SIRPs)

SIRPs are communities of entrepreneurs and innovation that provide a thriving environment for research discoveries to move from the laboratory to the marketplace. OniX engages with SIRPS to highlights its tenants' technologies to support their R&D, in/out licensing, partnering and investments. All startups, innovators and research parks companies can submit their non-confidential technology abstracts through the OniX hub.

Nowadays, SIRPs are managed either by Universities, Economic Development Agencies, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate conglomerates or other private entity.

There are 1,000+ SIRPs globally. SIRPS play several roles:

•    They are important institutions to bridge the gaps between research institutions and industry.

•    They help turn investment in education into good jobs and economic productivity.

•    Research parks need investments and contribute to economic development hubs.

•    Size is important: small parks provide a more boutique-like support, while large parks provide more services, both can support marketing and outreach.

SIRPs examples include:

There is a good list of startups and incubators in North America here, in Europe here, and in Asia here.

SIRPs are important as a mechanism for the transfer of academics research findings, as a source of knowledge spillovers, and as a catalyst for national and regional economic growth. SIRPs entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems have emerged as one of the most dynamic forces shaping the economic performance of individuals, companies and regions.

OniX invites SIRPs to submit their non-confidential abstract for potential partnering and investments. SIRPs can also reach out to explore a partnership where we can support your tenants.

Please contact us at

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