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~90% of research grant applications go UNFUNDED: Climbing out of the "valley of death"

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

OniX provides an exchange hub for unfunded grant applications for potential partnering and funding from non-government organizations

Submit your unfunded grant application non-confidential abstract here

The research funding paradigm presents a challenge to accelerate research discovery to market. It is an unsustainable model that has a global impact in research, the economy and public health. Currently, approximately 90% of research grants applications go unfunded at the National Institute of Health in the United States - the largest funder of biomedical research. Only about 20% of the reviewed applications are funded and less than half of the received applications are reviewed. The trend is similar at other global funding agencies, including the Canada Institutes of Health Research, UK Medical Research Council, EU Horizon 2020, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development and others.

In the research world, the 'valley of death" refers to that place between the lab bench and the marketplace where many good biomedical ideas wither away and die. It exists, in part, due to a gap in funding: Grants from the largest funders of biomedical research generally focus on basic research, but most basic science discoveries require further testing through expensive animal or clinical trials before industry investors will commit.

Translating early discoveries into effective treatments for patients is time-consuming, costly, and often unsuccessful - the rate of success in translational science is less than 1%. Although translational research is a crucial step for discovering new treatments, it is an under-funded research space.

OniX is an online exchange hub that brings together in one-place the research knowledge ecosystem that includes universities, research parks, incubators, other not-for profit research organization, industry, tech and biotech companies, venture funds, government funding agencies and private foundations and charities. One of OniX goals is to provide an easy to use hub where ideas can be shared with the potential of partnering and funding for advancing good ideas to market.

Easy to Submit your ideas

OniX is easy to use. Whether you have a new idea or a grant has already been submitted, funded or unfunded, researchers and universities, can submit the non-confidential abstract to the hub. Startups, incubators and accelerators companies and biotech, can also submit a non-confidential abstract to OniX.

For Industry: Easy to review submitted ideas and to find partners

OniX makes ideas submitted to the hub available to industry and other non-government organizations to find partners. OniX proactively provides industry with timely e-alerts, reports and a dashboard to review ideas that match their targets and areas of interest. In addition, OniX also provides the global research landscape by adding publications, patents, clinical trials and research news to the hub, so that industry can make informed decisions. OniX also -using its AI system - works closely with clients to identify new drug target and new potential uses for existing drug candidates.

Researchers and research organizations are invited to become OniX partners and market their research enterprise for potential partnering and funding from non-government organizations. Industry is invited to become OniX members and profile their company, and review ideas that match their areas and target of interest.

For more information please reach out to

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